Sunday, December 30, 2007


Not only are Samuel, Eliza, and I home from our trip to NC, but Megan, Samuel's girlfriend, is here with us, and other members of the farm family are home as well. Lori (Maui) and Joe (Utah) are already in, and Dana (Nebraska) and Brett (California) are on their way. Barring crappy weather, tomorrow evening the house will be full of people to bring in the New Year.

I'm preparing the Manifesting Bowl today by making small bundles with the names of Cuban political prisoners and writing FREEDOM on their cards to place in the bowl with everyone else's wishes. If anyone who reads my blog between now and tomorrow evening would like for me to write down a wish to toss into the New Year's fire, just leave a comment and consider it done. I promise to keep everyone's wish(es) totally confidential, and I'll also promise to wrap up the wishes in nice paper and decorate them with pretty yarns and ribbons.

(In case you've never been here on NYE, everyone who comes to the party writes down his/her wish(es) for the new year, rolls up the paper into a tiny scroll, and ties it up with pretty ribbons. We place them all together in the bowl, and immediately after the new year arrives, we go outside to the bonfire. Everyone picks a "scroll" and tosses it into the fire. Our collective wishes ascend to the Universe together when we toss on last year's Christmas tree and watch the wishes and flames light the whole night sky. It's really amazing!)

I'll close today's post with a photo from Boone...Here's my entire family...Papa, Petie, my sister, Myra, the kids and me....We had a wonderful, wonderful time together...It was indeed a very special Christmas.

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