Sunday, October 26, 2008


(Pepín & Laida Carro - August, 2007)
A few weeks back, I wrote about my friends, Laida and Pepín Carro. Pepín was in seriously critical condition after a series of heart surgeries. When I see him again, I'm going to give him the award for "Most Times Knockin' on Death's Door Without Getting an Answer Award." After the second surgery, Pepín developed an intense infection, pneumonia, and edemas all over his body. It's been touch and go every day, and Laida has been pulled between being with him at the hospital and visiting her mother, who's bedridden and receiving care in a private home. I really can't remember life being so intense for anyone as it has been for Pepín, as he has struggled to live, and Laida, who's been caretaking double time.

OK, here's the bestest, bestest news...Pepín is out of the coma, breathed four hours on his own yesterday without the respirator, and smiled and joked a bit with the MD's. It's really the first sign of "life" that we've seen from him since his first surgery on September 15th, and we are all esctatic! There's not doubt in my mind that he's been sustained by prayer and a determined will unlike I've witnessed before, and although he's not out of the woods yet, there's certainly a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I'm jumpin' for joy, and my heart's bubblin' over with gratitude!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Yes, I fear the last rose of summer has bloomed and faded away as the temperatures have dropped down to the low 30's and plants have gotten the message that we're much closer to cold weather than warm. As the nights grow longer and the days shorter, I sense the onset of winter energy all around--in my body, in the faces of others, in the Earth. As much as I welcome the time to move deep within, I know the challenges we all face in terms of keeping the energy around us light and carefree. I think those critters who hibernate figured it out a long time just take a long nap and wake up with there's some warmth and fresh spring days about!

It's Friday...There are no pressing commitments this weekend....Eliza and I are going to go see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Other than cleaning the house and watching a couple of videos, I can't forsee much more happening around The Farm....And, for the moment, that's a totally OK notion.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I haven't had my camera out much lately, but this weekend, I took some time to take a few photos. Here's a sample. More to come......

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Little had I realized that the MySpace and Facebook networks were as amazingly outreaching as they are! As a result of the Facebook page of the Marietta Class of 1998, my last class I taught at Marietta High School, I am now in touch with members of that class as well as former students that I taught prior to and after the 1998 group. It's amazing!! I can honestly say that if I hadn't had this totally unexpected connection, I wouldn't have known what's happening in the life of Calvino Perrine or Josué Macatol!!

What is just a daily part of their lives has become for me the hightlight of my day! I can write on the "Walls" of my former students; I can see photos of their families; I can experience what is happening with them on a daily basis. WOW! I am amazed and in disbelief that we are still connected and live in the lives of our interconnected past like we are.

If anyone's interested, my Facebook account is and my MySpace is simply (search for Senora Wilder). As more and more connections are made, I'm grateful to the world of computers/cyberspace for keeping us all connected. It's really, really amazing! And, it's a touch of "human-ness" that I had yet to connect with the world of computers.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


When I mentioned to Samuel that I was contemplating a new "do," he sent me his latest photo, the one he's using on his graduate school applications. Thought I'd share it with all. He's always envied men who could sport a good mullet, and finally, he's convinced himself he's a good candidate. What a handsome dude!

(October Fools!)