Thursday, September 27, 2007


Andrew, a farm kid since birth, Samuel's best friend, and son of Norm and Diane is a junior at the College of Wooster and is spending fall semester in Japan. He's blogging his experience, and you can get to his blog from my blog roll or by clicking the following link:

I can well remember the days of Samuel and Andrew watching "Big Bird Goes to Japan." Now big Andrew's in Japan, and his adventures will surely be worth the read!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Those of you who know me well know how much I love life...You also know I'm pretty earthy, not given to superficialities, really fond of laughter, and always in search of the next lesson to catapult me into greater awareness and understanding. Sometimes the "catapult" is a direct result of some personal foible, lack of awareness, or monumental screw-up, but I'm pretty willing to admit my shortcomings, make a pact to learn from the lesson, and move on. At least, I strive to go in that direction. I love to step back and witness how life unfolds and observe how people deal with the curves that get thrown their way. And ultimately, I am fascinated by how we are all constantly evolving, regardless of age or other factors.

There have been events in my life I would have never predicted....things like divorce....the untimely death of close friends....unforeseen opportunities that seemingly pop up out of nowhere...the arrival of amazing, new people in my life...Shifts happen, for better or worse, and they become a part of the process of our greater knowledge... the acceptance of our human-ness... lessons in forgiveness (particularly of ourselves)..... giant steps toward understanding... greater compassion and love.

I truly believe that every one of us is exactly where we are right now as a result of our own creation in the overall journey of what is it that we have to learn this time around as incarnate beings on the planet. Sometimes we are in co-creation with others in our lives, but even then, we construct the events that determine of our happiness (or lack thereof) and life direction. This notion is rejected and denied by many; the idea that we create every aspect of our reality intimidates even the most "intelligent" among us because it requires us to assume responsibility for everything that plays out in our lives and erase blame...It's so easy to pass the buck!

But, I really like the idea that only I create my life...I find it empowering and very, very humbling....I want to be in charge of my life..I want no one else determining my path....If I am in co-creation with another, I want my part of that creation to be positive and life affirming. not crippling or stifling. I enjoy and celebrate my power as the one who designs my life, and I am humbled the Universe guides me and allows me to grow. If I get stuck along the way, it's my task to get unstuck. If I experience injustice or unfairness in my life, it's my job to fix it. If I find myself in an unpleasant situation or relationship, then I must decide how to best remedy the situation.... It's not just me....everyone has choices and the power to create and define his/her life.

So, why do some people have such difficulty actualizing happiness? Why do they seem to be cemented in darkness, fear, unhappiness, manipulation, and the like? Why can't people escape the chains that bind them? Why do they allow themselves to be a slave to others?

I understand there are no simple answers. I understand a lifetime of behavioral patterns imprinted and embedded in our subconscious can seem insurmountable and very intimidating when it comes time to face them and initiate a change. Creating change in one's life is not an easy task. My compassion for those who are "stuck" in suffocating situations is HUGE, regardless of whether the suffocation is a result of emotional distraught, an unbalanced relationship, or a series of hard knocks.

But, I do believe everyone has the capacity to find freedom and happiness in his/her life. It's our choice to be happy or not...It's within our power to find laughter and love....It's our birthright as divine manifestations on the planet to love our lives.

My wish tonight is that we all grow in greater understanding of the sacredness of our existence and learn to acknowledge the gifts life has to offer, especially those of happiness and love.


(I dedicate this post to a friend with whom I had unexpected contact last week and who, I believe, deserves a world of happiness he/she has yet to manifest in his/her life.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


OK...There have been a few times since I've lived at The Farm that the last week of September has been warm enough to wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt, but never, ever, do I remember the temperature in the mid-90's at this time of year. Yesterday and today have been almost unbearable, and I'm really trying NOT to turn on the air conditioner again, but as the sweat rolls off of me as I write this post, I'm quite tempted to do so. And furthermore, since we've gone without ANY rain for at least 2 months, the Earth is so incredibly parched that one little spark could literally torch 1000's of acres around here in no time flat. Actually, I'm a more than a little concerned about everything from low water tables to the animals in the wild. The streams dried up two weeks ago; there just isn't any water for them to drink.

I contemplated the drought during my celebration of the equinox over the weekend. Supposedly, it's a time of balance as we move into Libra....a time of equal light and dark, a celebration of the harvest yielded from our gardens, a time to bring the summer's work to an end and prepare for rest during the approaching cold, winter months. In my personal world, I feel balance and equilibrium for the most part. But as I listen to the screech owls howl, the hawks scream from above, and the coyotes in song at night, I wonder what they're sensing. They, much more than we humans, must feel the incredible Earth changes that are taking place now.

My hope is for a steady, lasting rain to come tomorrow.

On a lighter note, Eliza had a wonderful, perfect Homecoming evening with her date and friends. She looked so, so beautiful and radiant, and her boyfriend seems like he's a really, really good guy. I was very impressed with the ease with which he met and talked to me and with the courtesy and gentleman-ness with which he treated / treats Eliza. That girl has a pretty wonderful ability to magnetize and manifest good things in her life! Aren't they a "cute" couple?

And continuing on a lighter note, "catspunk" (a term invented by Brett) abounds in the house these days as Clousseau and Cato bounce around with unlimited energy. They make me laugh until I cry, and their antics almost always lead to some sort of blunder. Just like children, they play until they collapse, sleep a bit, and get up for another round of chase, attack, and wrestle. Clousseau is a bit larger and a little more coordinated and independent than Cato, but in the last couple of days, Cato has caught Clousseau off guard at the most opportune moments, and he's landed a few good blows. I have made a couple of videos of them on my camera, but so far, I haven't been successful at downloading them on my blog. I will keep trying, however. For the moment, here's a photo I took tonight.

I'm off to shower all the sweat rolling down my body...Peace to all Namasté readers..And, infinite love from The Farm....Love life!


Thursday, September 20, 2007


I came home, changed clothes, stretched out on the bed and opened my eyes 2 hours later....

Then, Annie, Molly, and I took a walk around the field....Molly rolled in the muddy creekbed...she stinks...

We saw two does and three fawns at the back of the field. One of the little ones has lots of white fur.. elegant, graceful animals....

One of our farm pair of hawks was perched up on the limb of one of the tallest trees in the distance...

Then, I watered the plants.....I think I could stand there for days, and the plants would still be thirsty...

Then, I talked to Debbie Thomas, and we had a kitten catch-up / update. She has three new kittens, all siblings.

Then, I watched the sunset from the deck...a huge, orange ball sank on the horizon..Thought of my mom....

A big flock of geese flew across the horizon....perfect V formation...

A single bat came flying around ....

Then, I checked in on farm kids.....

And then, I sat on the deck for a goodwhile....deeply grateful for silence and quietness...Ahhhhhhhhhh.. . .

Off to a long, warm shower and bed....

I feel good.......


Friday, September 14, 2007


After hanging out for almost a week with the kittens and really observing their antics and personality, I have decided I must make a change in their names yet again.

These guys are never still, and their kitten-ness has provided some hard core belly laughs around here. Their inquisitiveness, catspunk, incessant energy, and penchant for "stupid cat tricks" crack me up, and I laugh at them like I laugh at Chief Inspecteur Jacques Clousseau and his bumblings.

So, in honor of my favorite movie character of all times, I've officially changed Ed's name to Clousseau, and Norge now becomes Cato, Clousseau's sparring partner and side-kick.

Clousseau Wilder does things like jump after a fly and land in the water bowl while Cato takes quite unexpected dips in the toilet as he swats at the water inside the bowl. Tuesday evening, Clousseau crouched down on the side of the bed to attack Cato, and when Cato walked by, Clousseau took a flying leap, right off the side of the bed. And yesterday, Cato's curiosity led him to get shut inside the dishwasher while Clousseau was scoping out the refrigerator.

These two represent the best of unadulterated innocence and play....In serious moments, Clousseau and Cato will come to my rescue, I'm sure.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wednesday, I turned 55 years old. When I asked my students to guess my age, no one chose a number above 48, which made me feel pretty good. In fact, one young woman said if my hair weren't so gray, she would have guessed 40. Hmmmm....Should I consider a trip to the salon?

The day itself was glorious...sunny, clear skies, warm, but not extraordinarily hot like it's been in the last couple of weeks. I had a wonderful day with many good wishes, lots of cards and phone calls, some beautiful gifts and great surprises. I felt really blessed and loved by many.

So, a huge thanks to all who contributed to the specialness of my birthday....Tom and Chintu, your e-card began my day with lovely images and music...MaryAnn, you're the queen of celebration and unique gifts. I love the orchid book and farm ribbon...Quite unique! Deb, the light will come in really handy at the farm...Just last week, when the electricity shut off, I was fumbling around in the dark to try to find a flashlight..Mickey, luxury baths are a favorite farm activity...Candles, a glass or wine, nice handmade soap and music or a good novel to read make for hours in the tub...Dr. Tom, thanks for the ecletic package and the wonderful meal at the Blennerhassett. It was scrumptious! Lori, aka Cleveland, the gift of your presence at the farm lately has been wonderful, and walking in to the house and seeing the decorations, gifts, and cake you made took me back to that special feeling one feels as a child on her special day! It made me so, so very happy!

I am reminded births are life's greatest miracles, everyone's presence on the planet is divinely orchestrated, and life is meant to be lived fully and in happiness. I am also reminded of the preciousness of my family and friends, and for all, I am deeply, deeply grateful. What would I do without you???

Blessed be....Namasté...

Monday, September 10, 2007


After hanging out with the kittens for 24 hours now, it's very obvious that Pomeroy does NOT fit the personality of the kitten, so during a brainstorm over Quiznos sandwiches, Eliza and I have officially changed Pomeroy's name to ED. Yep, he's Ed now, and it suits him much, much better.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Since the feline population at The Farm is aging, I have told a few folks recently I would entertain the idea of getting a couple of kittens to rejuvenate the Mouse Patrol around the house and barn. As many of you already know, just the mention that one might offer a home to a kitten immediately produces call upon call from someone who knows someone who has kittens to give away. So, when a friend called Thursday to say three sweet little white kittens had been dropped off at her house, I agreed to take two of them. (She kept the third.)

So, here's the official introduction....Norge and similar that Eliza had to mark an "N" with a Sharpie pen on Norge so I could tell the two apart. They are pretty flea-ridden and definitely in need of a worming. But, they are really, really bright, intelligent, sweet and loving little white furballs. Molly (particularly Molly), Annie, and Loonis are in adjustment mode at the moment and haven't welcomed the babies with open paws, so to speak, but the older cats don't seem to care too much that there are some "new kids on the block."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Oh, I went to the animal fair....The birds and the geese were there....

As were the sow and her piglets, goats, all sorts of funky fowl, and sweet, adorable bunnies.
The Labor Day weekend was a busy one here at The Farm. Friday night, I ventured over to watch Eliza in the band. She told me the game started at 7:00 PM, so I waited until 7:30 to go, hoping to get to the game at half time. However, as luck would have it, the game started at 7:30, and I had to watch the entire first half to see the band. A middle-aged woman going alone to a ballgame is a sure way to get lots of weird looks, especially from die-hard, rural southeastern Ohio fans. Sitting two rows behind me were two men who had to qualify as the world's worst sports; I got a really good taste of yelling at the referees, shouting at the boys on the field, and stomping the stands in disgust when the "our team" didn't make any yardage for most of the first half. I left after half-time, feeling very proud of the band and grateful my children never played sports. It's a good thing I never had to deal with the likes of the two red-necks behind me.

Saturday, I went downtown to watch Eliza as she marched in the County Fair Parade, and Sunday evening, I went to a friend's house for a cookout. It was a really nice time, and I fell in love with an independent and incredibly bright two-year old named Raven, a child whose premature birth to incompetent parents got her off to a doubtful start. Fortunately, an incredible woman and her two daughters took Raven in early on and have given her the loving and nurturing that has this little one on really sure footing in every sense of the word. She is an amazing child, and all the credit in the world goes to her foster mom and sisters for their unconditional love and commitment to her.

Then, yesterday, I made grape juice and took Eliza to the mall. Then, it was back to the fair to see the loud, big-engined things pull massive weights. A friend had two vehicles entered in the truck pull, so I learned a bit about racing, engines, and NOISE!!! I also noticed that not many of the hard core racing fans were interested in answering my unintelligent questions about the event....Oh well, I really do prefer the animals!