Sunday, September 09, 2007


Since the feline population at The Farm is aging, I have told a few folks recently I would entertain the idea of getting a couple of kittens to rejuvenate the Mouse Patrol around the house and barn. As many of you already know, just the mention that one might offer a home to a kitten immediately produces call upon call from someone who knows someone who has kittens to give away. So, when a friend called Thursday to say three sweet little white kittens had been dropped off at her house, I agreed to take two of them. (She kept the third.)

So, here's the official introduction....Norge and similar that Eliza had to mark an "N" with a Sharpie pen on Norge so I could tell the two apart. They are pretty flea-ridden and definitely in need of a worming. But, they are really, really bright, intelligent, sweet and loving little white furballs. Molly (particularly Molly), Annie, and Loonis are in adjustment mode at the moment and haven't welcomed the babies with open paws, so to speak, but the older cats don't seem to care too much that there are some "new kids on the block."

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Lish said...

Well, they obviously don't look alike. Not at all. But, if you need a sharpie, well, I guess Norge probably won't mind. Not toooo much.

So cute!