Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Those of you who know me well know how much I love life...You also know I'm pretty earthy, not given to superficialities, really fond of laughter, and always in search of the next lesson to catapult me into greater awareness and understanding. Sometimes the "catapult" is a direct result of some personal foible, lack of awareness, or monumental screw-up, but I'm pretty willing to admit my shortcomings, make a pact to learn from the lesson, and move on. At least, I strive to go in that direction. I love to step back and witness how life unfolds and observe how people deal with the curves that get thrown their way. And ultimately, I am fascinated by how we are all constantly evolving, regardless of age or other factors.

There have been events in my life I would have never predicted....things like divorce....the untimely death of close friends....unforeseen opportunities that seemingly pop up out of nowhere...the arrival of amazing, new people in my life...Shifts happen, for better or worse, and they become a part of the process of our greater knowledge... the acceptance of our human-ness... lessons in forgiveness (particularly of ourselves)..... giant steps toward understanding... greater compassion and love.

I truly believe that every one of us is exactly where we are right now as a result of our own creation in the overall journey of what is it that we have to learn this time around as incarnate beings on the planet. Sometimes we are in co-creation with others in our lives, but even then, we construct the events that determine of our happiness (or lack thereof) and life direction. This notion is rejected and denied by many; the idea that we create every aspect of our reality intimidates even the most "intelligent" among us because it requires us to assume responsibility for everything that plays out in our lives and erase blame...It's so easy to pass the buck!

But, I really like the idea that only I create my life...I find it empowering and very, very humbling....I want to be in charge of my life..I want no one else determining my path....If I am in co-creation with another, I want my part of that creation to be positive and life affirming. not crippling or stifling. I enjoy and celebrate my power as the one who designs my life, and I am humbled the Universe guides me and allows me to grow. If I get stuck along the way, it's my task to get unstuck. If I experience injustice or unfairness in my life, it's my job to fix it. If I find myself in an unpleasant situation or relationship, then I must decide how to best remedy the situation.... It's not just me....everyone has choices and the power to create and define his/her life.

So, why do some people have such difficulty actualizing happiness? Why do they seem to be cemented in darkness, fear, unhappiness, manipulation, and the like? Why can't people escape the chains that bind them? Why do they allow themselves to be a slave to others?

I understand there are no simple answers. I understand a lifetime of behavioral patterns imprinted and embedded in our subconscious can seem insurmountable and very intimidating when it comes time to face them and initiate a change. Creating change in one's life is not an easy task. My compassion for those who are "stuck" in suffocating situations is HUGE, regardless of whether the suffocation is a result of emotional distraught, an unbalanced relationship, or a series of hard knocks.

But, I do believe everyone has the capacity to find freedom and happiness in his/her life. It's our choice to be happy or not...It's within our power to find laughter and love....It's our birthright as divine manifestations on the planet to love our lives.

My wish tonight is that we all grow in greater understanding of the sacredness of our existence and learn to acknowledge the gifts life has to offer, especially those of happiness and love.


(I dedicate this post to a friend with whom I had unexpected contact last week and who, I believe, deserves a world of happiness he/she has yet to manifest in his/her life.)

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Mary Ann said...

inspirational, just like you...