Friday, August 29, 2008


I don't have the "new look" totally finished / polished yet, but I'm on the way. Can't decide if it's pretty or gaudy. Comments welcome (and they won't hurt my feelings!).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

2,000 HITS

No, that's not the number of encounters I've had with intelligent, nice-looking, courteous, wealthy, artistic, honest, down-to earth available men my age....

No, that's not the number of #1 singles by my favorite group of all times.....

No, that's not the number of meteors that have banged into the earth lately....

Not, that's not the number of punches I can throw at a sparring partner in 5 minutes....

Yes, it could be (but it's not) the number of times I have to aim at a nail before I "nail it"...

Yes, it could be (but it's not) the number of times I've backed into the trash cans....

Yes, it could be (but it's not) the number of times I've swatted at a fly and missed....

2,000 hits.....

A celebration of 2,000 stop-bys on Namasté....

Thanks to all !

PS: Look for changes in the "look" of Namasté as soon as I can figure out a couple of things....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Just the animals and I are at home today, taking it easy. A steady rain falls outside, the perfect rain that allows the earth to soak up each drop. A gentle breeze adds a slight chill to the air, and I'm watching leaves fall one by one from the maple tree outside my window, a graceful reminder that fall's just around the corner.

It's the classic "stay in bed under the covers and read" day, and that's just what I've done this morning. I saw Eliza off to school, hopped back in bed, watched "Enchanted," a cheesy but sweet Disney movie, snoozing along the way and dreaming my own version of living "happily ever after." It's a quiet day here at The Farm, the last uninterrupted day I have at home before school starts. I'm soaking in the mellowness / laziness / solitude of it all.

Don 't know that I'll accomplish much today. If it weren't raining, I'd work on making grape juice from the "fruit of the vines." I'll probably cook a bit. I might start my next knitting project, read, or do a little yoga. I'll listen to music, for sure, and maybe work on my refinishing project.

This morning shot of Cato in La-La-Land pretty much sums up the day.

I'm in love with this moment and so grateful for this day and my many blessings.

Off to do something.....or nothing.....!

Monday, August 25, 2008


A brief whine, similar to the one I posted about this time a year ago and the year before that....

Back to work part-time class at Marietta College
Back to work full-time next Tuesday.

'Nuf said.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


A close to dark evening walk to the back of the field with the dogs....The farm juvenile hawk squealing above as he floated and soared along with us....Budding goldenrod interspersed with purple ironweed and delicate Queen Ann's Lace...Two deer awaiting us at the back of the field, taking a chance on our harmlessness until instinct reminded them to dart away...Buddha's sweet smile.

Clouds rollin' in...Hoping big time for some rain.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


After sleeping the last 24 hours as a result of anesthesia, I'm still sleepy and will probably sleep most of the day today. The extraction was no big deal, and the pain has been quite manageable with Advil. I did get a prescription for Hydrocodone, which I promptly flushed down the toilet. I'd be out for weeks if I took one of those.

I'm going to try to accomplish something today, but I've yet to decide what that might be. Perhaps I'll go thrifting....perhaps I'll work on a couple of chairs I got that need some sanding and tung oil....perhaps I'll take a stab at cleaning the inside of the house a bit.

More than likely I'll sleep.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


1. a visit from my grad school roomate, Nancy Reuter. Two days of reminiscing, reliving, laughing, catching up. A four-mile walk that turned into a "rescue" of four little kittens (who now live at the humane shelter). A really good, good time.

2. success, finally, at finding the leak in my water line. By chance, on our walk, Reuter and I ran into a guy from the water service who does fix-it jobs after hours, and he found the leak andtook care of things immediately. No more huge water bills, thank goodness! Huge gratitude to the Universe for answering my plea for assistance.

3. an unexpected call today from Juvenile Court in need of a translator. Worked two hours and will receive $130. Helped a young guy who's here illegally and could get screwed without some assistance. Makes me think I should investigate teaching a Spanish for Legal / Law Personnel course.

4. good feedback over the course of the week for a grant I'm writing for the arts and lecture series I chair at the community college. Hopefully, the Ohio Arts Council will be so kind as to send some big bucks our way.

5. teeth extraction tomorrow morning. Only two teeth have to come out. I'll be completely under sedation, come home with drugs, and sleep most of the day. Got some good movies to watch. Should be up and about tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning.

6. 1st day of school for Eliza, who's beginning her junior year. Already swamped with homework. Has a full schedule with her dad for chemistry. Band, in and of itself, occupies all her time.

7. grapes on the vines ready to make juice. A weekend activity I think. Can't wait to squeeze the juice out of the grapes.

8. basil for pesto ready to go. House smells like garlic and basil combination.

It's been a good one! Highly recommend everyone check out Brett & Betsy's blog. Great photos, amazing adventures! And take a look at Meera's as well. She's back in Uganda.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've spent a good part of the day getting a new blog together for the for my father's family reunion.

Check out the link on my blog roll or go to

The blog's in its first hours of existence, so there's not a lot there, but I hope there'll be much more to follow.


From many years of rebirthing....

Love brings up everything unlike itself for healing...

And, thank you, Dean, for providing the pool and breathing time night before last. It was a tremendous gift of love.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina at this very moment, nestled down in the valley here in Boone and surrounded by the majesty of the mountains. A visit with Grandma Shook, my aunts, Mabel, Audrey, and Mildred... Supper at the house with Mom, her sister, Hal, my cousin, Bobby, and Uncle Frank, Aunt Lera, and Richard, long time family members, Mildred and Ken..Time with Samuel...a good almost completed scarf...fresh peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes...a trip to the Farmer's Market...and clear skies with a cool, humidless mountain breeze.

I'm home in NC, and it feels pretty darn good. Sending my greetings....T.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So, since the infection in my jaw wasn't getting better at a swift pace, I saw the dentist yesterday who took an X-ray of the suspect area and confirmed that I do indeed have an infection, caused by an impacted wisdom tooth! Earlier in the year, he discovered I have a second wisdom tooth on the bottom left side of my jaw, and now we know I have another on the upper right side that's causing considerable pressure against the back tooth. Both wisdom teeth lie parallel to the jaw bone (see photo as to horizontal placement), are as impacted as they can get and have to come out. When I get to the oral surgeon, we'll find out if there are two other newcomers to round out the two we've discovered.

La Mala Racha seems to be continuing. The high thought, I suppose, is that I can get the extractions taken out before school starts and that I'll be the oldest person for wisdom teeth extraction the new surgeon has ever worked on. What an honor! Maybe I'll get to occupy the recovery area with a group of adolescents / teenagers and their parents!

I asked if there was a special discount for one who had previously undergone this surgery 30 years ago. Alas! No such deal. The receptionist did say the office personnel would treat me specially since I hold the honor of a second set of wisdom teeth and I'm 55. Wow, I feel so special!!

Oh well, I'm off to NC in just a little while for a week. Just learned this morning that there was a nasty wreck involving a chemical spill on I-77 south of Charleston that closed both lanes in both directions for 15 hours yesterday. Glad I wasn't traveling then. After learning about the impending oral surgery, it would have taken me over the top.

Cheers and love to all...Keeping on the sunny side and eager to get to the mountains....

Monday, August 04, 2008


The farm family is scattered all over the world, so here's a "catch-up" with where we all are:

BRETT & BETSY - married June 7th in what had to be the most beautiful wedding ever in Minnesota-I couldn't attend in body, but in spirit, the farm was present on every energetic level possible - Betsy takes the cake for most beautiful bride in the world! - Currently in Oxford, England and visiting Paris, these two are off to Bulgaria in the not to distant future to teach abroad for two years. Follow them via their blog link on the right.

DANA & JAMES - getting ready for the December arrival of Wendilynn (sp.?) - decorating the nursery, continuing with teaching and editorial positions at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I'm betting on Wendy's arrival as December 13th, Samuel's arrival date - James has a blog link in my blog roll as well.

(NOTE: Blogger photo upload problems from here on out...Photos to come when I can figure out the glitch...*&^%!! From what I understand, many bloggers are having photo posting problems. I wish blogger. com would get to the root of this problem).

LORI BETH - in Vancouver, BC, at the moment, living the life of the rich and famous with the Kruegers of Nickelback fame - Click on the link at the right to enter her new blog: Story Lori.
Awaiting many great tales of her jet-setting life.

JOE - back in Logan, UT, after our trip to Vermont and his subsequent trip to Eugene, OR - Preparing for a new semester - Hands in the clay, as always.

MEERA - off on the trip of a lifetime to Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, and other exotic places after finishing her MBA at Berkeley - See her blog link on the right for details. I'm hoping the last leg of her trip will be to Marietta for her 10-year class reunion in August. Will you be here, girl?

ANDREW - Spending the summer at a kids' camp in Maine - Getting ready for his senior year at The College of Wooster - Kayaking every morning - Having a great summer.

BOBBI & ISABELLA - living life to the fullest in Philadelphia - Spending weekends at the beach in Avalon, NJ - expending enough energy for the rest of the family - Doing well.

SAMUEL - graduated in May from Appalachian State University - Living in Boone, NC - Working at Black Bear Books - Attended a writer's seminar at Antioch College in July - Met Dave Chappell - Had his work chosen as part of the seminar's showcase - Hangin' out with sweet Megan - Lovin' life.

ELIZA - 16 & beautiful - Into band & color guard in the big way - Driving - Enjoying an over the top social life - Learning the realities of gas money, spending money, etc. - Lovin' her life, as well.

TANYA - Holdin' down the fort at The Farm - Working outside a lot - Keeping up with the house - Nursing sick cats - Enjoying the summer to the max! Movin' at her own pace & lovin' it. Tryin' to get blogger photos to work!

Hope this finds all well....Peace from The Farm.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Eliza woke up with a urinary tract infection....

Clousseau, the cat, is losing all his hair from a snake bite....

The fleas haven't totally disappeared (although we're holding them at bay)...

And I look like I've been sucker-punched on my right jaw from either an infection in my cheek or tooth...Can't figure out which...


Friday, August 01, 2008


At this very moment as I sit here at my computer, there are territorial wars and feeder stakeouts in full force outside. The hummingbirds darting around my porch by my bedroom are out in full force for their morning feeding, and the whirling and buzzing as they swoop down to the feeder and then zip away can be heard all over the house. (Like Grandma Shook, I have about 7 or 8 feeders for them to choose from.)

I've noticed the little creatures are more than just a little protective of their feeders. Sometimes it seems to me they spend more time dive bombing each other away from the feeder than actually feeding. When they do their ritual-like hummingbird dance, zipping up and down and up and down, they sometimes bump into each other (purposely I think) and have to light on a branch for a moment to regain their senses.

Another thing I've noticed is that they come let me know when they're back in the spring. They'll hover around my windows as if to say, "OK, we're back, we've flown a long way, and we'd like some nectar. Get to it! Now, please!!" They peek in on me when I'm at the computer and chatter at me from a branch right outside the window while I do my work. In fact, two are watching me at this moment. Oops, make that one. The male just dove at his rival at the feeder. And, when the sugar water in the feeders is low or stale, several follow me around when I'm outside to remind me to take care of their food. They're persistent and quite honestly, rather demanding --sweetly so. Yesterday, I thought one was going to drill me in the ear until I came to take care of the feeders! (I buy more sugar in the summer than I do all year since my flock of hummies eats about 8 cups of nectar every two days...make that 10 cups.)

According to Jamie Sams and David Carson in their medicine card book, hummingbird medicine is "one of love, an opening of the heart... They're a reminder that life is a delight, shying away from disharmony. People with hummingbird medicine love life and its joys. The hummies bring laughter, a flash of spirit, and a strange new burst of energy. If you're around hummingbirds, you will filled with joy and experience the magic of living."

One can't beat that! I'm off to fill the feeders!