Friday, August 01, 2008


At this very moment as I sit here at my computer, there are territorial wars and feeder stakeouts in full force outside. The hummingbirds darting around my porch by my bedroom are out in full force for their morning feeding, and the whirling and buzzing as they swoop down to the feeder and then zip away can be heard all over the house. (Like Grandma Shook, I have about 7 or 8 feeders for them to choose from.)

I've noticed the little creatures are more than just a little protective of their feeders. Sometimes it seems to me they spend more time dive bombing each other away from the feeder than actually feeding. When they do their ritual-like hummingbird dance, zipping up and down and up and down, they sometimes bump into each other (purposely I think) and have to light on a branch for a moment to regain their senses.

Another thing I've noticed is that they come let me know when they're back in the spring. They'll hover around my windows as if to say, "OK, we're back, we've flown a long way, and we'd like some nectar. Get to it! Now, please!!" They peek in on me when I'm at the computer and chatter at me from a branch right outside the window while I do my work. In fact, two are watching me at this moment. Oops, make that one. The male just dove at his rival at the feeder. And, when the sugar water in the feeders is low or stale, several follow me around when I'm outside to remind me to take care of their food. They're persistent and quite honestly, rather demanding --sweetly so. Yesterday, I thought one was going to drill me in the ear until I came to take care of the feeders! (I buy more sugar in the summer than I do all year since my flock of hummies eats about 8 cups of nectar every two days...make that 10 cups.)

According to Jamie Sams and David Carson in their medicine card book, hummingbird medicine is "one of love, an opening of the heart... They're a reminder that life is a delight, shying away from disharmony. People with hummingbird medicine love life and its joys. The hummies bring laughter, a flash of spirit, and a strange new burst of energy. If you're around hummingbirds, you will filled with joy and experience the magic of living."

One can't beat that! I'm off to fill the feeders!

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