Monday, August 11, 2008


Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina at this very moment, nestled down in the valley here in Boone and surrounded by the majesty of the mountains. A visit with Grandma Shook, my aunts, Mabel, Audrey, and Mildred... Supper at the house with Mom, her sister, Hal, my cousin, Bobby, and Uncle Frank, Aunt Lera, and Richard, long time family members, Mildred and Ken..Time with Samuel...a good almost completed scarf...fresh peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes...a trip to the Farmer's Market...and clear skies with a cool, humidless mountain breeze.

I'm home in NC, and it feels pretty darn good. Sending my greetings....T.

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ileana said...

Tanya, que envidia me dan tus palabras mi querida amiga. Cuanto me gustaria estar por alla.
Un beso para ti