Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So, since the infection in my jaw wasn't getting better at a swift pace, I saw the dentist yesterday who took an X-ray of the suspect area and confirmed that I do indeed have an infection, caused by an impacted wisdom tooth! Earlier in the year, he discovered I have a second wisdom tooth on the bottom left side of my jaw, and now we know I have another on the upper right side that's causing considerable pressure against the back tooth. Both wisdom teeth lie parallel to the jaw bone (see photo as to horizontal placement), are as impacted as they can get and have to come out. When I get to the oral surgeon, we'll find out if there are two other newcomers to round out the two we've discovered.

La Mala Racha seems to be continuing. The high thought, I suppose, is that I can get the extractions taken out before school starts and that I'll be the oldest person for wisdom teeth extraction the new surgeon has ever worked on. What an honor! Maybe I'll get to occupy the recovery area with a group of adolescents / teenagers and their parents!

I asked if there was a special discount for one who had previously undergone this surgery 30 years ago. Alas! No such deal. The receptionist did say the office personnel would treat me specially since I hold the honor of a second set of wisdom teeth and I'm 55. Wow, I feel so special!!

Oh well, I'm off to NC in just a little while for a week. Just learned this morning that there was a nasty wreck involving a chemical spill on I-77 south of Charleston that closed both lanes in both directions for 15 hours yesterday. Glad I wasn't traveling then. After learning about the impending oral surgery, it would have taken me over the top.

Cheers and love to all...Keeping on the sunny side and eager to get to the mountains....


i am very mary said...

Watch out for summery infections.

Brett said...

Hey T. Just got back from the mountains myself. Sounds like you've got your share of crazy karma going around. This only means that you're due for a whole lotta GOOD stuff...hang in. And say hi to the kitties.