Thursday, August 21, 2008


1. a visit from my grad school roomate, Nancy Reuter. Two days of reminiscing, reliving, laughing, catching up. A four-mile walk that turned into a "rescue" of four little kittens (who now live at the humane shelter). A really good, good time.

2. success, finally, at finding the leak in my water line. By chance, on our walk, Reuter and I ran into a guy from the water service who does fix-it jobs after hours, and he found the leak andtook care of things immediately. No more huge water bills, thank goodness! Huge gratitude to the Universe for answering my plea for assistance.

3. an unexpected call today from Juvenile Court in need of a translator. Worked two hours and will receive $130. Helped a young guy who's here illegally and could get screwed without some assistance. Makes me think I should investigate teaching a Spanish for Legal / Law Personnel course.

4. good feedback over the course of the week for a grant I'm writing for the arts and lecture series I chair at the community college. Hopefully, the Ohio Arts Council will be so kind as to send some big bucks our way.

5. teeth extraction tomorrow morning. Only two teeth have to come out. I'll be completely under sedation, come home with drugs, and sleep most of the day. Got some good movies to watch. Should be up and about tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning.

6. 1st day of school for Eliza, who's beginning her junior year. Already swamped with homework. Has a full schedule with her dad for chemistry. Band, in and of itself, occupies all her time.

7. grapes on the vines ready to make juice. A weekend activity I think. Can't wait to squeeze the juice out of the grapes.

8. basil for pesto ready to go. House smells like garlic and basil combination.

It's been a good one! Highly recommend everyone check out Brett & Betsy's blog. Great photos, amazing adventures! And take a look at Meera's as well. She's back in Uganda.



Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you for your wonderful marriage advice: I appreciate you taking time out of your day to participate in something that has ended up being an amazing gift -- I hope everything goes well with your extraction!

Anonymous said...

Wisdom tooth extraction...yuck. As one who's been there, wishing you a speedy and comfortable recovery.