Monday, August 04, 2008


The farm family is scattered all over the world, so here's a "catch-up" with where we all are:

BRETT & BETSY - married June 7th in what had to be the most beautiful wedding ever in Minnesota-I couldn't attend in body, but in spirit, the farm was present on every energetic level possible - Betsy takes the cake for most beautiful bride in the world! - Currently in Oxford, England and visiting Paris, these two are off to Bulgaria in the not to distant future to teach abroad for two years. Follow them via their blog link on the right.

DANA & JAMES - getting ready for the December arrival of Wendilynn (sp.?) - decorating the nursery, continuing with teaching and editorial positions at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I'm betting on Wendy's arrival as December 13th, Samuel's arrival date - James has a blog link in my blog roll as well.

(NOTE: Blogger photo upload problems from here on out...Photos to come when I can figure out the glitch...*&^%!! From what I understand, many bloggers are having photo posting problems. I wish blogger. com would get to the root of this problem).

LORI BETH - in Vancouver, BC, at the moment, living the life of the rich and famous with the Kruegers of Nickelback fame - Click on the link at the right to enter her new blog: Story Lori.
Awaiting many great tales of her jet-setting life.

JOE - back in Logan, UT, after our trip to Vermont and his subsequent trip to Eugene, OR - Preparing for a new semester - Hands in the clay, as always.

MEERA - off on the trip of a lifetime to Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, and other exotic places after finishing her MBA at Berkeley - See her blog link on the right for details. I'm hoping the last leg of her trip will be to Marietta for her 10-year class reunion in August. Will you be here, girl?

ANDREW - Spending the summer at a kids' camp in Maine - Getting ready for his senior year at The College of Wooster - Kayaking every morning - Having a great summer.

BOBBI & ISABELLA - living life to the fullest in Philadelphia - Spending weekends at the beach in Avalon, NJ - expending enough energy for the rest of the family - Doing well.

SAMUEL - graduated in May from Appalachian State University - Living in Boone, NC - Working at Black Bear Books - Attended a writer's seminar at Antioch College in July - Met Dave Chappell - Had his work chosen as part of the seminar's showcase - Hangin' out with sweet Megan - Lovin' life.

ELIZA - 16 & beautiful - Into band & color guard in the big way - Driving - Enjoying an over the top social life - Learning the realities of gas money, spending money, etc. - Lovin' her life, as well.

TANYA - Holdin' down the fort at The Farm - Working outside a lot - Keeping up with the house - Nursing sick cats - Enjoying the summer to the max! Movin' at her own pace & lovin' it. Tryin' to get blogger photos to work!

Hope this finds all well....Peace from The Farm.

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i am very mary said...

I just suddenly realized tht Sammy is, like, old enough to get married! And then I felt really, really old.