Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wednesday, I turned 55 years old. When I asked my students to guess my age, no one chose a number above 48, which made me feel pretty good. In fact, one young woman said if my hair weren't so gray, she would have guessed 40. Hmmmm....Should I consider a trip to the salon?

The day itself was glorious...sunny, clear skies, warm, but not extraordinarily hot like it's been in the last couple of weeks. I had a wonderful day with many good wishes, lots of cards and phone calls, some beautiful gifts and great surprises. I felt really blessed and loved by many.

So, a huge thanks to all who contributed to the specialness of my birthday....Tom and Chintu, your e-card began my day with lovely images and music...MaryAnn, you're the queen of celebration and unique gifts. I love the orchid book and farm ribbon...Quite unique! Deb, the light will come in really handy at the farm...Just last week, when the electricity shut off, I was fumbling around in the dark to try to find a flashlight..Mickey, luxury baths are a favorite farm activity...Candles, a glass or wine, nice handmade soap and music or a good novel to read make for hours in the tub...Dr. Tom, thanks for the ecletic package and the wonderful meal at the Blennerhassett. It was scrumptious! Lori, aka Cleveland, the gift of your presence at the farm lately has been wonderful, and walking in to the house and seeing the decorations, gifts, and cake you made took me back to that special feeling one feels as a child on her special day! It made me so, so very happy!

I am reminded births are life's greatest miracles, everyone's presence on the planet is divinely orchestrated, and life is meant to be lived fully and in happiness. I am also reminded of the preciousness of my family and friends, and for all, I am deeply, deeply grateful. What would I do without you???

Blessed be....Namasté...

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Mary Ann said...

Ooh la la, you're loved!