Sunday, October 05, 2008


Little had I realized that the MySpace and Facebook networks were as amazingly outreaching as they are! As a result of the Facebook page of the Marietta Class of 1998, my last class I taught at Marietta High School, I am now in touch with members of that class as well as former students that I taught prior to and after the 1998 group. It's amazing!! I can honestly say that if I hadn't had this totally unexpected connection, I wouldn't have known what's happening in the life of Calvino Perrine or Josué Macatol!!

What is just a daily part of their lives has become for me the hightlight of my day! I can write on the "Walls" of my former students; I can see photos of their families; I can experience what is happening with them on a daily basis. WOW! I am amazed and in disbelief that we are still connected and live in the lives of our interconnected past like we are.

If anyone's interested, my Facebook account is and my MySpace is simply (search for Senora Wilder). As more and more connections are made, I'm grateful to the world of computers/cyberspace for keeping us all connected. It's really, really amazing! And, it's a touch of "human-ness" that I had yet to connect with the world of computers.


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