Wednesday, December 05, 2007


WHITE: Today's weather - - the first snow of the year--Definitely not a snow storm...
A gentle, quiet, dry snow that has covered the Earth in about 5" here at the farm...A snow day for Eliza... A hang out in PJ's day...A decorate the house a bit day....A listen to music and stretch out on the couch with kittens day...I'm happy.
WHITE: White kittens who are growing by leaps and bounds....I'm trying to figure out how on earth I'll keep a Christmas tree together once they figure out what a playground it could be...Total, unadulterated catspunk play around here these days...Learning more and more what it's like to stay outside for longer periods of time...Still curling up and sleeping close together at night...Loonis still wishes they'd go away.

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Mary Ann said...

Hey! You got some photos on here!