Saturday, December 01, 2007

DECEMBER 1, 2007

Believe it or not, today I've mowed the grass and worked around the yard. I still have a bit to get done outside, but my real success story of the day is that I found the leak in my water line that has caused my water bill for the last two months to be three times what it normally is! Now all I have to do is get someone to come patch the leak, and we're good to go. What a relief! After conversations with the people at the water company, I was bound and determined NOT to fall prey to their suggestion to just install a new line to the tune of a couple thousand dollars or more. No way, José!!

Another success story of the day has to do with Eliza's hair. Last night we put henna on it, and in contrast to our attempts with commercial chemical dyes that produced bright and very obviously purple hair rather than the deep red we anticipated, the henna has added a very lovely touch to her long, thick, beautiful hair. In today's sunlight, her had glistened with a very natural-looking reddish glow. I'm feeling like a real beautician! Call for an appointment!

The greatest celebration today, however, is my father's birthday....87 years old!! I called to wish him a happy day, but between his inability to hear and the difficulty he has holding the phone, I'm not sure he got the message. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAPA!!!! I LOVE YOU and hope your day has been one of happy memories and a win for Appalachian in the play-offs! I know seeing the Mountaineers (not WVU, ASU, that is) move to the next level toward the championships again would make you very, very happy!

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