Monday, December 17, 2007


Thanks to all who read my blog.

It's amazing to me to think my blog has been viewed 1,000+ times, but then I realize half of those hits have to be mine! :0) :0) Anyway, we've hit the 1,000 benchmark, and it's time to celebrate. Pull out the champagne!

Several years back when life got more than just a little crazy, I totally stopped journaling / writing / drawing / sketching, etc. I just couldn't get my pen / pencils to the paper anymore. As I'm about to reach my 2nd year anniversary with the blog, I'm writing again, and I find I really enjoy chronicling farm news, random thoughts, and observations on "how the world turns." I've figured out how to get my photos posted again. I'm an all round happy camper!

Thank you, Mary Ann, for getting me started, and deep appreciation to those who take the time to visit Namasté from time to time! Stay tuned...'s cold!

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Mary Ann said...

I'll be over with a big bottle of bubbly later this week!