Sunday, December 09, 2007


With the holiday season underway, the Farm is alive as the farm family checks in to say to hang out for a little while.

The first couple to pay a visit this season was...

Brett & Betsy

Their wedding date has been set for June 5th in Minnesota! Both will finish out the year at Webb School in CA before tying the knot and heading off to teach abroad. Although Betsey will be away for New Year's Eve, Brett will be here to keep an eye on the pesto pizzas I traditionally forget about once they hit the oven and carry on his tradition as fire tender and the tosser of the last year's tree on the New Year's Bonfire. On a personal note, I delight that the Universe has brought two such amazing and wonderful people together! Betsy's a farm natural--a member of the farm family from the moment she met Brett. Thanks, Brett, for bringing her into our lives!

Following Brett and Betsy's visit, Eliza and I got to spend three wonderful days last week with...

Caroline & Joe

These guys have been on a helluva ride this past year and have weathered some of life's most intense moments with extraordinary grace, patience, acceptance, and love. Who would have thought this time last year that Joe would have been diagnosed with throat cancer in May, undergone weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, and returned to his work and shows by early December of this year? With Caroline as his caretaker and greatest support, Joe is back on this feet and well on the mend. I am so, so grateful for having time to hang out with Caro and Joe, for I am always inspired and energized by their presence. They always lighten my heart as they share the gift and blessings of years of friendship and remind me it's possible to find a soulmate out there somewhere.

This weekend, two of Eliza's friends, Kaitlynn and Shelby, have been here at the farm. I don't have photos, but suffice to say, it was two nights of slumber party, lots of junk food, and play. It was great!

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