Friday, December 21, 2007


Officially Winter Solstice arrives at 1:08 AM tonight...the shortest and most powerful night of the year.

It's time to welcome back the return of the light with fire and candles, make lists of those things we want to manifest in our lives.

(Note: Experience would suggest that the old addage "Be careful what you conjure" would apply here. Just be very sure and specific what you want to bring about in your life.)

It's time to surround ourselves with loved ones, enjoy a hearty meal, and savor the food and company.

It's time to dance, feast, burn the Yule Log, "green" the house, make a puppet, and sing! Bring in the holly and the ivy, pine cones, and evergreen boughs.

It's time to begin anew, start new projects, develop new ideas, take the leap of faith in new creative directions.

It's time to connect with those most dear and share our commitment to love.

It's time to express gratitude out loud. Today I am grateful for.....

It's time to give thanks to the EARTH for her unconditional sustenance and patience with us humans. We really are a species of "bumblers."

It's time to take a walk, breathe deeply, and laugh out loud.

It's time to celebrate without allowing our worries and fears show their faces....

It's time to IMAGINE AND BELIEVE.....

Happy Solstice to All....So Mote It Be!

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a new beginning as we turn the corner from the shortest day to gradually longer days. I also like your idea of expressing gratitude out loud. One thing I am learning to do is be mindful and note a victory for each day. It can be big or little, public or private. Also doing at least one thing per day to take care of myself, whether it is a massage, or a hearty dinner, or a long phone visit with a friend.
Thanks for the reminder. Blythe