Saturday, December 22, 2007



Chintu & Tom...

spent last night at The Farm. We got up this morning, Tom fixed a huge Solstice breakfast, and these two, Eliza, her friend, Shelby, and I had a wonderful time talking around the table in our PJ's. Later, the boys and I hung out for a while before they took off for another friend's home. So good to see these good to sense their good to chuckle with them... I love Chintu's grin in this photo.

Lori (right) & her sister,Whitney...

Just having arrived from Maui, Lori (no sleep in the last two days) and her sister stopped by to say hi on their way to buy their mom an alligator saw. When LoriBeth enters the house, laughter and the stories begin. Can't wait to sit down and spend some extended time with this girl. Another farm kid's at home now, and it's really feeling like the holidays are moving into full swing...

Eliza & Shelby..(no photo available)

Eliza and Shelby were out until 12:30 AM last evening and finally got to sleep around 3:00 AM. When Lori arrived around 2:30 PM today, these two had not gotten out of their PJ's, washed their faces, or combed their hair. I do have a group shot of the four girls together, but as a favor to E. & S., I'll save it in the family archives.

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