Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The new year's here. There was a wonderful gathering of family and friends here at the farm Monday evening. Photos will appear in the next day or so.

Until then, here's a MEME I stole from Mary Ann, who snagged it from someone else. (It has taken a good little while to get all this together here on my first day of work. SHHHHHHH!!!)

Age on next birthday:

Note how modern this '56 car looks!

A place you'd like to visit:

...only, of course, when Fidel finally kicks the bucket and it's safe for me to go...Nepal places a very close second, and at the rate it's taking for Fidel to check off the planet, it looks like I'll make it there first...

One favorite place:

...New Mexico, Land of Enchantment...

A favorite object:

... knitting needles, pretty yarn, and some music, and I'm in 7th heaven...

My favorite food:

...after all I am a GRITS - Girl Raised in the South - and I do love my collard greens...

Favorite color:

...a difficult decision since I love ALL colors...this thistle purple always catches my eye...

Favorite animal:

...yep, I'd love to be an otter!!

Name of first pet:

...Bitsy, a solid white mutt who didn't look a thing like this itsy-bitsy fellow...

Where I live:

...Marietta, OH - oldest town of the Northwest Territories and home of the annual Sternwheel Festival (2nd weekend in September of each year)...

First grade teacher's name:

Miss Charlie Putnam...yes, Charlie was a she

My middle name:

...Lee, just like Robert E....

A bad habit:

'Nuf said....

College major:

¿Hablas español?

My favorite holiday:

I love a good costume, a good costume party, and a trip to the graveyard!

WHEW!!!! This post has taken me two days to complete...Was it worth it?????


Anonymous said...

Hello Tanya, I came across a link to your blog a few months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far. As I have time, I want to start at the beginning and read it in it's entirety. You know me, but we never really became well aquainted. I thought it might be fun to correspond back and forth a few times and see if you might quess who I am.
First clues..we graduated together and I was in the third row at the graduation ceremony. Not very good clues, but it's a start. Have a great Day! (oh and I am Female)

Tanya said...

Hmmmm..I'll have to pull out the 1970 edition of The Musket and see if I can begin to figure out who you are. I like the intrigue. Thanks for reading Namasté and keep the clues coming.

Mary Ann said...

First of all, great post. Second, super fun cryptic anonymous-ness!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been doing some catch up reading tonight on your blog and got to Sept. 06 and see that you have(had?) a dog named Molly. (Really cute story about her getting her head stuck in the deck post) Molly has been my nickname for about 9 years now...or whenever Titanic came out...this is a very definitive clue to my identity. (I love Mary Ann's new word --Anonymous-ness)

Tanya said...

Hi Molly,

I've now figured out who you are (after visiting your space on the web). I can't remember if I knew you as Kristine or Kristin Newman, and I can't find my yearbook to verify your "WHS name". Thanks for contacting me. Your life since leaving WHS over 35 years ago looks intriging / exciting. Zip me an email at and we can correspond further.


Molly said... just don't know what a giggle you gave me..Kristine and I were good friends and often told that we looked alike..I've no idea what she looks like now, because we have lost touch...But I will keep you in suspense no longer..I am Dorothy Brown-Horvath. (I've had two other last names along the way..I believe it was Brown-Garcia
at our 20th reunion. :) Just can't seem to get that part of my life straight. Anyway, this has been fun and I will email you soon.
Thanks ~ ~ ~ Molly

Tanya said...

I had a hunch I wasn't correct..So good to hear from you, Molly. I remember you as a fun and beautiful person. Didn't we have PE with Mrs. Moore together? Did you play basketball one year? Do you ever hear from anyone from our class? I keep in close touch with Richard and Betsy Randall and Bill Rominger (my cousin). Sometimes I see Carol McNeely, another cousin. Please stay in touch...I'd love to hear about your life over the years. Looks like you have had some interesting and fascinating adventures...Look forward to hearing from you...Take care..T.