Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Check out these websites:http://www.onemillionpeacesigns.com/ /http://www.onemillionpeacesigns.blogspot.com/

There are some really neat photos and apparently so many people joining the site that the blog managers are way behind posting photos.
I tried to post one of my photos of the peace sign in the back field, but I don't know if I made it through all the steps. If it did post, I estimate that it would be past page 17 on the site.

Anyway, people are thinking about peace and seeing it all around...That's neat!


Zoey Lily and Lolo said...

I don't recognize this! And while I might be wrong, since there are almost 2,800 photos up there right now...I want to be sure we get this one!
(I love orange for one thing!)
I think i recognize your name tho...are you in the flickr One Million Peace Signs group? If so, all you need to do is add the photo to the pool and it'll auto go up on www.onemillionpeacesigns.com

If you have "blog this" enabled thru flickr, I'll blog it htis week!

Yuppers...we are swamped...happily so...but a million is a lot, and we don't want to miss a one...esp from someone who blogs about us!!!

I'll go look for this...and you can always just send the photo to peace@weboing.com tho that takes us a little longer to get it up anywhere...we are working on backend stuff fast as we can...between paid gigs of course :)

zoey, lily, lo and clark

Tanya said...

Thanks for checking into my blog! I've had many folks remark on what a good idea you all came up with while you were snowed in. Keep up the good work, and I'll forward my peace sign photo again...Actually I have two...

Peace, pax, paz, paix...however it's said, it's the same thought..