Saturday, January 19, 2008


Having trouble letting go of stress and tension in your life?
Got the winter blahs?
Crazy things happening all around?
Just can't get enough rest?
Feeling under the weather?

Well, here at The Farm, we've got the answer for whatever ails you!

Join Clousseau the Cat, feline relaxation specialist, for instruction in the latest relaxations techniques!
"Crash and Snooze---Any Time, Any Where"

A specialist in sleep all day / sleep all night, Clousseau will lead individual or group mini-sessions in
"Purrrr while you Power Nap"
"Advanced Snuggle Techniques"
Sessions totally free anytime of any day
Open to all who seek relaxation for whatever reason
Bring warm, cozy clothes, pillow and blankets*
(It's rather chilly at the farm these days...)
Other feline colleagues available for one-on-one sessions**
As our friend, Sherm, says...
When in doubt, mellow out...
( and Clousseau totally concurs.)
*(Those with cat allergies should also consider a decongestant, and those bothered by loud purring or snoring might want to consider ear plugs, as well.)
** (Disclaimer: Clousseau does not recommend signing up for a session with Loonis since she has a tendency to get bitchy and pissy without warning or the corgis, since they stink.)


I AM VERY MARY said...

HA HA HA! I LOVE IT! Chester is currently sprawled out in a twisted sort of way in front of the heater. I envy his flexibility.

Anonymous said...

i'd be scared to fall asleep with loonis around....could be life threatening.

:) hope all is well!!!


AthensRomantic said...

You really make me laugh! Excellent post! The little white boys sure do know how to purr... Poor Loonis...even for a bitchy girl she gets a lot of bad PR...hehe. Love you, Ethel!....Millard and the Brown One