Sunday, August 06, 2006


This weekend, I am especially grateful to my friend, Tom Steckel, aka Dr. Tom, for his assistance in rebuilding the fire circle down by the barn. Yesterday, he moved a number of huge sandstone blocks back into place around the area where the old fire circle was. It was hot outside, and the job was not an easy one, but Dr. Tom, with some assistance from me, stuck it out. Fortunately, we finished the task without straining our backs or having a heart attack.

Tom is becoming a farm regular. Usually he, Tom J. (aka: Will) and I cook, walk the farm, and hang out together. Dr. Tom is famous for making some of the best brownies ever! What is also very special about him is that he regularly brings gifts to folks; he's a thrift store / Goodwill / Salvation Army / Rink's junkie with a keen eye for everything from scarves for prayer flags to beautiful glass objects. The farm has been the recipient of many sweet gifts from Dr. Tom. His presence is seen and felt in the amber glass inside the house and outside in the paperweights he has placed around the farm to catch the sun. And, as I am mowing, pulling weeds, or just walking the driveway, I'll find coins or glass beads he's dropped around randomly in honor of the Earth. A Ph. D in chemistry, Dr. Tom also is the farm scientist who can explain matters of carbon bonding, elements in glass that change color in the light, and other scientific things in terms that I can understand them--at least for the moment he's explaining. He also builds a great fire in the fireplace in the winter!

An Eagle Scout, Tom loves art, so the two of us frequently check out the art openings at a local gallery. He's a vital source of energy and input into the Evergreen Arts & Humanities Series on campus, and he has a real talent for creating beautiful settings for events and receptions. Vintage tablecloths and pieces of his glassware collection always grace the table along with the flower arrangements he artistically creates.

Thank you, Tom, for all you are and do for so many! A hug is headed your way!

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MaryAnn said...

Speaking of Dr. Tom and outdoor improvements - I have a rock that I think would be divine for a fountain! Will send a pic of it ASAP!