Wednesday, August 09, 2006


People ask me how I entertain myself when I'm alone here at the farm. Just today, I saw a friend at the Y, and he asked me how I had kept myself occupied at the farm this summer. I had to chuckle at his seeming concern, especially since I had just decided that other than going in to exercise, I would avoid town and the office totally this week. (Other than dinner tonight here at the farm with Dr. Tom, I haven't seen anyone since Eliza left on Monday.)

I have to chuckle a bit because I never feel alone here. Yes, I do carry on conversations with the cats and dogs, and I even flirt with Luther, the beta fish, before I feed him. (I love the way he swims to the front of the tank and spreads his gills to say hello.) And, I do enjoy some rather in-depth dialogue with myself, the flowers, and the trees. :0)

Actually, I stay quite busy. This week, I've weeded the garden, cut out some plants in the flower beds, planted some late seedlings, mowed, spread some mulch,made pesto, moved quite a bit of stuff to the compost pile, taken some great walks around the field with Annie and Molly, stopped to watch the butterflies and dragonflies, translated some articles about human rights violations in Cuba, talked to Cuban friends in Miami, exercised, watched a couple of good movies, played some internet Scrabble, cooked some healthy meals (the kale from the garden is GREAT!), and taken a few photos here and there. In addition, I've listened to some really good music and enjoyed the sounds of nature and sunsets on the deck in the late afternoon / evening.

What more could anyone ask for? Peace, solitude, beauty, and tranquility. I recommend it for all!

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