Monday, August 21, 2006


I've never heard these lilies referred to as "Naked Ladies" until this year. I've always called them Surprise Lilies, simply because they send up shoots in a moment's notice, and they're often up and in bloom in a day's time. The other revelation I've had about them this summer is that they have a very light but intoxicating scent - -a somewhat sweetly fermented essence to my olfactory perception. This morning, they were beautiful in the sunlight coming over the hill, and since they won't be around for many days, I tried to capture their blossoms with my camera. These flowers also carry the spirit of my late mother-in-law, Sara Williams Wilder. They came from her garden years ago. In their pastel pinks, I see Sara's beautiful face and smile. She carried many secrets in her silence into the world of spirit...I'd like to be able to talk with her now.

On a couple of entirely different notes, since my heart rate took the plunge to 14 on a couple of occasions during my recent colonoscopy, the surgeon insisted that I see my family doctor to get her take on the tape from the procedure. My MD, who is the bestest I have ever, ever had, is out of the office for a while, so I saw a new person, and he didn't seem to think there was any sort of heart related issues involved. I could have told him that, but I will confess to being relieved at his assessment. He didn't even feel a stress test was called for, thank goodness. However, since I am no longer a "spring chicken, " I am publically committing myself to regular aerobic activity and attention to what I ingest. Enough said... :0)

And finally, there is another blossom about to open on a new flower I'm growing this year. It's a purple datura, and if it opens as beautifully as the wild datura I have all over the farm, then it's going to be a spectacular bloom. It should be appearing in a blog photo in the next couple of days. (I don't know what I'll do when the summer ends, frost arrives, and there will be no photos of flowers to share. Perhaps I'll go to colorful leaves!!) :0)

So, stay tuned. Sending all love from here at the farm on this beautiful August day.


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MaryAnn said...

I vow to bring to the office: rice cakes in lieu of chocolate, granola in lieu of chocolate, fat-free graham crackers in lieu of chocolate, and Crystal Light instead of diet Pepsi. Amen.