Thursday, August 24, 2006

LAMENT--I Have to Go Back to Work :0(

OK...Get ready...This is an offical blog whine.

Tomorrow is my last day of summer vacation because Monday morning I have to get up with the rest of the working world, put on something other than my farm clothes, retrieve my professional smile from the recesses of my inner self, and go to work. Once there, I'll have to sit in meetings for the next two weeks, pretend I'm listening, and hear the same "Welcome back...It's going to be a great year...So much has happened over the summer...We have a lot to accomplish this year...Let's be one happy family and bond" sort of stuff that I've listened to now for 30 years. (Yes, indeed, Monday marks the beginning of my 30th year as an educator!)

On a higher thought, I will be glad to see some of my colleagues...Mary Ann, my cool, creative, wonderful office mate, and I will get to hang out a bit every day...Dr. Tom will be just down the hall....Dr. Deb, the psych prof lives just down the hall and around the corner....And in a couple of weeks, students will be there, and I can settle in to teach, which is what I really enjoy.

I suppose once the routine sets in and I am more adjusted to being away from home during the day, I'll mellow out. But right now, my greatest wish is for summer to continue forever and for me to be able to enjoy my home, the farm, and my life without the interruption of work.

Too bad my last name isn't Hilton or Gates, huh?

End of whine.

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MaryAnn said...

I promise to not be too chipper this year:)