Sunday, August 27, 2006


The blossom to the left slowly but surely began to unfold during this past week, and day before yesterday, it opened up into perhaps the most gorgeous blossom I've ever had here at the farm.

Photo #2 really doesn't do the beautiful and delicate curvature of the blossom justice. The flower is about 5" - 6" wide and is layered with a deep purple exterior that houses a snowy white, gently ruffled interior layer. And, the white center layer has another deep purple layer ruffle within it. I've seen very few things seen as breathtaking as this flower. (Unfortunately, a freaky and random rain/wind storm came up yesterday afternoon, breaking the flower off the stem. There are several more buds on the stalk, however.)

I brought the flower inside. Much to my surprise, it stayed open over night. Wild Datura blooms only last one day. This side shot gives an idea of the majesty of the flower. Needless to say, I'm watching the other buds like a hawk. I estimate it will be another week before the next one opens. I, of course, will be hovering over it with camera in hand!


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