Thursday, April 12, 2007


Lately, things at work have been rather frustrating. Two nights ago, I sat down to write a post for my blog, and when I realized I was composing a whale of a diatribe about the things I really didn't like about my job, I knew it was time to reassess and go for higher thoughts.

Don't get me wrong..I LOVE teaching, and for the most part, I adore my students. I have the world's best office mates, and my colleagues are some of the most dedicated educators I've ever worked with over the span of my 30-yr. career. There's no need to mention those things that inspired my harangue the other night; it's really a waste of time.

As I shifted my thoughts away from the "vent" I was on, I began to think about what it is that I enjoy. Really, my interests are numerous and quite varied.

Among the many things I undertake, I really, really like to knit--not necessarily huge, intricate projects but rather simple, practical ones. As you see from the photo, I'm on a roll making dishcloths at the moment. My plan is to sell them and donate the proceeds to the Relay for Life fundraising efforts at school. I can knit one an evening if I have time, and I can find yarn in a variety of cool colors. My goal is to make $100 worth, however, I think a part of that will have to come out of pocket since I give away as many of my completions as I keep for the project. Anyway, I like to knit a lot, and I am very, very thankful my mom taught me when I was young. She is one of the world's best knitters ever, and her legacy lives on as I continue to pump out my scarves, dishcloths, and toboggans. (I'm going to attempt some socks soon now that I've remember how to pick up stitches I drop!)

Another high thought for me (which I'm sure qualifies me for Nerd of the Year award) is that I really like to play Scrabble online. Not only have I learned a heck of a lot of new words, but I've steadily improved my score and strategy skills. On days when I feel isolated here in southeastern Ohio, I can almost always find someone to play who's far away, and who, like me, likes to chat while we play. I've played against people in England, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, France, Greece, and Canada, as well as folks all over the country. My most recent Scrabble friend, Hiro, is originally from Bombay and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. His daughter, like Samuel, lives in Boone! On a few occasions, my cyber-opponents get really serious about the game, but 99% of the time, it's all about getting to know people and having fun. I'm here to tell you that those people I've met on Scrabble have a lot more going for them than the goobers I met on or the Yahoo personals when I signed up for the 7-day free trial offers!! Give me a Scrabble board over a ride on a Harley any day!

Wow..I've just had a profound revelation-- it occurs to me that I could knit and play Scrabble simultaneously. I can knit while I wait for my opponent to play and while I'm figuring out my next best move....I'll have to see if it works!

Peace and love to all....


Anonymous said...

Venting is good. Transcending it after is a godsend.

MaryAnn said...

Oh, you knitting-scrabble-playing-venting-wonderful, you!