Sunday, April 01, 2007


Today, as I sat at the computer translating a couple of documents for a local business, I heard the familiar screeching call of the red-tailed hawk outside. Since there is a pair who lives around the farm, I didn't think too much about it until I realized that I was hearing three distinct hawk voices. When I peered out the window, I saw all three of the birds soaring high above the field by the driveway.

I continued with the translation, and some 20 minutes later, it occurred to me that the hawks were still there, so I stopped, got out my binoculars, and quietly crept outside to sit on the sandstone blocks of the flowerbed by my bedroom to watch these amazing raptors. I almost felt like they had called me out to witness their interaction. This was an experience Miss Jane Hathaway would have died for!

For over an hour and a half, I communed with these three birds. I'm not sure what they were doing; my best bet is that two males were in competition over a female OR a pair of hawk parents were out teaching their fledgling how to fly in graceful hawk style. The smaller one, although quite graceful, did have some awkward moments.

The larger two would climb so high in the sky that they'd almost be out of view and then fold their wings close to their bodies and dive bomb, literally dive directly downward, to about two feet from the earth before lifting up again. More than one time I anticipated a major hawk crash landing. Then they would fly to the huge oak tree by the driveway, take a rest, and take off again, crossing the field, lowering their talons, and screeching back and forth along the way. The third one, the smaller one, coasted back and forth across the field or perched in the tree while the other two participated in their aerial feats.

At one point, I got my camera and attempted to take a picture of one that kept circling above me, but I got a little nauseated following him in the air through the lens while I waited for the perfect shot. I felt at lot nerdy at that point. (NOTE: I did not take the photos you see here.)

Hawk medicine is strong stuff. It speaks to me of expansion, of seeing the bigger picture, of observing in all directions before jumping to conclusions, of allowing my heart and mind to soar, of graceful movement, of power. I got a huge dose of that medicine today, and I've felt rather awed and humbled as a result.

Man, am I grateful to these magnificent birds for calling me outside. The time I spent with them will be a lifelong memory for me. I coasted and soared along with them.
It's always been my desire to be able to fly, to spread my wings and catch in the wind. I would have been a real cheerleader for Icarus as he made his attempt at flight; however, I would have passed on dive bombing lessons until I got the hang of things! :0)

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MariettaRomantic said...

Worms to birds to're an amazing person and a wonderful friend! Love from Tom and Chintu!