Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The old pear tree down from the barn is in full bloom (see photo), as are most of the fruit trees in the area; the crabapple is loaded with hundreds of about-to-burst open blossoms, and the tulip buds need about two more days of warm weather to open up. But get ready! According to the local weather report, temperatures that soared to 80+ degrees today are going to plummet over the next two days to the mid-20's during the night. Today's beautiful sun and flawless skies will be replaced with chilling rain, and yes, possible snow showers toward the weekend YIKES! Kiss the rest of spring goodbye. If the prognosticators hit the mark this time, everything from dogwoods to lilacs will get nipped in the bud, literally! (The high thought is that the weather guys will be wrong once again. They don't have such a great record around here.)

As I mowed for two hours and then hiked around the back field today in my sports bra and shorts, I found it hard to believe that tomorrow's walk might require a jacket, scarf, and hat. YUK! I'm not into that idea at all, so I'll check out before I really start whining...¡Hasta luego!


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