Saturday, April 21, 2007


I watched this movie last night, and I really enjoyed it....Nice cinematography, engaging plot, good ending. If you're looking for a worthwhile rental, I recommend it.


What an incredibly beautiful day here in the Mid-Ohio Valley! I spent most of it outside, mowing, raking up the clippings to put on the compost heap, and trimming some dead branches off a couple of trees. Eliza and I did go into town for a salad at lunch; little did she know that once we got in town, I had plans to take a look at weed whackers again. To her credit, she went along with little complaint.

I also took a look at chain saws. My initial thoughts have been to purchase a heavy duty weed whacker with a mammoth blade so I could attack random farm brush spots and fence line growth. Then I stopped to contemplate if my ambitions were bigger than I could physically handle. Additionally, a couple of my women friends have some horror stories about their attempts at big-time weed whacking with blades, so now, I'm thinking that I'll get a smaller model for trimming and a small chain saw for the other things I want to cut down. Anyway, talking to salespeople about power tools and other equipment makes me feel downright good, and I'm learning that I really do know quite a bit, at least until something breaks down! If WB-40 doesn't solve the problem, I'm sunk!

There's been a little farm drama this weekend as well....Eliza and her first real boyfriend have amicably split up. They want to remain friends, but at the moment there's alot of OUCH in it for E. I assured her that teenage love frequently leads to teen-age break-up with loads of drama all around. She did pull it together to go with me to hear the Columbus Symphonoy tonight, and I think she enjoyed it quite a bit; however, she did note that except for one or two young children, she was probably the youngest person there. ("Mom, everyone in this place has grey hair!")

OK, I'm off to watch Saturday Night Live...Hopefully, I'll make it to Weekend Update before zzzzzz-ing off....


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