Sunday, April 29, 2007


What an incredible weekend it's been...Friday nite the WSCC Student Art Exhibit opened at the Parkersburg Art Center much to the satisfaction of students seeing their works in a gallery space as well as to the delight of art lovers who attended the opening.

Then last evening, with the music of Hat Trick permeating the gallery, Joe Davis's MFA thesis exhibition opened at Adleta Gallery just outside of Athens, OH. His work speaks for itself, and the reception it received speaks to the spirit of this incredible man who devotes his life to clay. From the moment Joe pulled his first cup in a studio at OSU, he knew clay was to be his life's work, and after many years as a studio potter, he took the gigantic leap into the MFA program at Ohio University three years ago. Last night's gathering was a very fitting tribute to a guy who obviously has captured the heart of his students, the admiration and respect of the graduate faculty, and the eyes of some of the nation's top artists. Go Joe!!!! I'm so, so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MaryAnn said...

Here's hoping that your mental health is indulging in the 80-degree weather!