Wednesday, April 25, 2007


this is how we plant the seeds
in our garden, in our garden.
Planting, planting,
this is how we plant the seeds,
early in the morning...

The Raffi song that Samuel, Eliza, and I would sing every spring when they were little when planting time came resonated in my head yesterday afternoon while I planted spinach, kale, lettuce, collards, and onions in the upper beds down by the barn. (Always the over-eager beaver, I've already checked to see if anything is poking its way through the ground in the less than 24 hours that the seeds have been there!)

Earlier in the afternoon, Tom had the tiller in the lower garden and got about half of it tilled. Our ambitions may exceed our work capacity this summer, but if we keep up with the weeds, if the deer and other critters leave us alone, and if the weather's just right, we could potentially have a helluva huge garden. I can already taste the fresh tomatoes, onions, cukes, and beans. Not only will the garden provide tasty fare, but I have a hunch we'll work off several pounds by the time we hoe the last row!

I realize that for some, garden news must be a bit mundane, but for those of us who are earth signs (in my case, a DOUBLE Virgo), getting our hands in the dirt is about as good as it gets!

No doubt, future blog posts will have a multitude of photos of all that's growing around the farm as the time to start harvesting the "fruits of our labors" arrives. It's all about growing food, healthy organic food; it's all about collaborative working; it's all about being a part of a process where things grow and thrive. Stay tuned, and when the produce starts rolling in, stop by the Farm for some beans, taters, collards, and cornbread!

Yee haw!!

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