Friday, April 06, 2007


..hopping down the bunny trail.
Hippity-hoppity, Easter's on it's way!
Bringin' lots of girls and boys
baskets full of Easter toys.
He's here to make their
Easter bright and gay!
(I can't remember the rest of the words....Can anyone keep going?)

As I sit at the computer this Good Friday evening, it's snowing! All signs of spring seem to be on hold for the moment, and I understand we won't be seeing any fascimile of the season until after the weekend.

There's no dismay, however. I'm looking forward to cooking Easter lunch for Dr. Tom, Tom J., Chintu, and anyone else who wants to join us. The menu will probably consist of free-range lamb, organic wild rice, my special champagne collards, a salad, homemade organic bread, and Tom's pickled eggs and tiramisu--not to be served together, of course. I hope Chintu adds an Indian dish to round it out.

And, I'm going to dye eggs and make a couple of Easter baskets to put around the house... And, I'm going to probably have a little chocolate along the way. YEAH !!!

In celebration of the times and in anticipation of a huge garden this summer, Tom and I bought our seeds this afternoon at Seaman's Store in Barlow, OH. The store's been around for 150 years, and it's the classic country store with any gadget, farm necessity, or animal food one would ever need. I love to go there, and oh, I'm excited to have the seeds for the garden already!!! Soooo, the next task is to get the garden plowed and all the seeds planted. (I think we bought enough seeds to plant 10 acres. Oops! Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so to speak, when it comes to getting ahead of myself with garden enthusiasm.)

In other Easter-related Farm news, this year's bunny crop does not rate as the sharpest tack in the sack, so to speak. In fact, I would describe this year's lot as the "dumb bunny clan." Either they're short-sighted or really vacant between the ears because they don't seem to catch on to the fact that moving vehicles pose a bit of danger if they don't hop out of the way, nor do they move when one sounds the car horn. Just this morning, one ran TOWARD the car rather than away as I drove out the lane to go to work. HMMMM... Wonder what he was thinking?

Anyway, ¡Felices Pascuas! Happy Easter! Celebrate Spring! Bring on the warm weather (again)!

Indulge in Easter basket goodies and look in every nook and cranny for those brightly colored eggs!


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MariettaRomantic said...

Well, "Ethel" Easter was definitely GAY...hehe. Chintu was sad to see that you were hoping for something Indian...but was too shy to comment on here... Thanks for a WONDERFUL afternoon/evening! Love you bunches and bushels!