Tuesday, August 04, 2009


This update format's getting to be a regular thing here at Namasté. I've found it's the easiest way to keep the farm family informed as the summer passes, and it'll serve as a reminder to me in the months to come as to what all transpired....

1. Rufus has a fancy new compound at the end of the side yard, and he seems quite content to spend the nights there.
2. Brett's home, and we've spent a couple of afternoons on the porch, catching up since we saw each other at Christmas last year. He and Betsy have had an amazing year in Bulgaria, have one more to go, and then will more than likely return to the States.
3. Brett and I got some paperwork done to completely turn the car over to Eliza.
4. Joe and Rufus are visiting Joe's sister in Raleigh, NC, and I'm headed to NC for a week on Thursday.
5. Dahlias continue to bloom gloriously.
6. I pulled up old broccoli, collards, kale and lettuces from the garden beds, re-tilled the beds and have them ready for fall planting (which I hope to get to tomorrow).
7. I've brushed all the critters in an attempt to get done with the shedding process.
8. I've spent a goodly amount of time on getting info out about the Evergreen Arts & Humanities Series.
9. Samuel messaged me that he has an interview for a position at the Bookstore at American University.
10. Bobbi taught her first class in her new first-class studio in Philadelphia last Sunday.
11. Eliza's started band...band camp this week all day. She's guard section leader and working her tail off.
12. Lori's traveling all over the country with Nickelback.
13. I'm getting my hair cut again...it grows out really fast.
14. Tonight I plan to sort and alphabetize my CD's. Hasn't been done in a couple of years, and they're way out of order. Total chaos.

That's about it for now....

Enjoy recent pics of Rufus, the farm (bassett) hound dog...He's growing like a weed!

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Story Lori said...

I love that face on Rufus! I can hardly wait to squish it! *Sigh. Thanks for the update. I wondered what I was up to...

Have fun in N.C.! Aloha!