Friday, August 28, 2009


Jen Grove, a calligrapher from Marietta who used to buy a lot of paper from me sent me a Facebook message yesterday and directed me to the Tree Whispers website, where, lo and behold, right there on the home page is a work by Anne Binder done on my paper. It took my breath to see Tanya Wilder paper again.

As I recall the under layer here is done with abaca fibers, faintly dyed with a light onion skin and walnut mixture. The top paper is a combination of hemp and abaca,with organic inclusions of mica and snake skin.

See the Tree Whispers (collaborative project celebrating life's resounces) website for some beautiful work:

And perhaps there could be some more Farm Paper in the works...I'm feeling inspired.
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Pamela Paulsrud said...

Hi Tanya,
Popping in to say thank you for this beautiful paper contibuted to the Treewhispers project—and wanted you to know how exciting it is for me to hear about the collaborative effort that went into this work. It's been an inspiration for many! I'm so glad that you found it again and have a chance to revisit it. Surprised that you've checked out the new website already! Have been in the process of rebuilding since the old one was hacked in to—which presented an opportunity for the new site,the interactive blog and a fan page on facebook!
I thought I'd officially launch it tomorrow on the 28th with the full moon. Soooo make a little paper, invite some friends and watch the forest grow! Thanks again, Pamela Paulsrud/Treewhispers