Thursday, August 13, 2009


From Petie's computer at home here in Boone, NC:

1. Had a wonderful lunch with Uncle Tom and Carol on Tuesday. So good to see them.

2. Had a wonderful lunch with my aunts, Linda and Audrey, my uncle, Ken, and Mom at Grandma Shook's house yesterday.

3. Cooked a tasty Cuban meal for Uncle Frank, Aunt Lera, Richard, Miss Hal and Bobby the other night. My flan really came out well.

4. Had a good trip to the farmer's market with Mom.

5. Attended the Retired State Teacher's Personnel meeting with Mom and saw several of my former teachers from Watauga High School, including my favorite math teacher, Linda Harwood.

6. Finished a scarf and began a sock (for the second time). Also knitted a couple of dish rags.

7. Read a book!

8. Helped Mom get some ideas about re-covering her antique chairs in the living room to match the couch she had done last summer.

9. Ran errands with Mom.

10. Sneezed my head off and suffered from itchy eyes, thanks to NC allergies.

11. Walked downtown a couple of times.

12. Had lunch with a cousin on my mom's side and her family. Also took Mom, my Aunt Hal and Bobby, my cousin, to visit my Aunt Lucille, who's in a nursing home in Stanley, NC. Had a good visit with cousins and my sweet aunt, who's debilitated from Parkinson's Disease.

13. Cared for Mom and tried to make her feel special. I love her so...

14. Loved being home among those with whom I've grown up and who have been so much a part of my life. Loved having access to good, homegrown, organic food. Loved being in a place that's alive artistically and laid-back. Loved the reconnection with educators for whom I have total respect and admiration.

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