Friday, August 21, 2009


It's been over a week since I've even looked at my blog. Here's what's been in the works at The Farm:

1. Had a great visit with Betsy and Bill as they headed to Buffalo for Kate's wedding. Celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with them here at The Farm. Brought back memories of my wedding 31 years ago and theirs the year after. (Their marriage lasted; mine didn't...) Childhood stories made Joe and Eliza laugh, and Betsy and I really are quite like Mom and Aunt Lib when we get going.

2. Purchased a used weedeater. Joe's taken out most of the ragweed in front of the deck and around the barn. I've sneezed quite a bit.

3. Got the mowing done.

4. Am working on refinancing the house and trying my best to define a new insurance policy that's going to save me some money.

5. I've knitted a couple of dishclothes. Haven't gotten started on my next round of scarves.

6. Worked a bit for the Evergreen Arts & Humanities Series.

7. Gone on good walks with Rufus, Joe, the corgis and cats. Laughed a lot at Rufus.

8. Worked a bit on my classes for Marietta College.

9. Attempted to clean the house.

That's about it.....

(Rufus: Wingspan as of last weekend = 20" from tip of one ear to the other. He's quite the hound dog.)

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