Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Farm Mom is an very, very amateur orchid grower, but every once in a while, I get lucky. I purchased this paphiopedilum (HsingingCitron #16 x lawrenceanum #1) at Earth Fare in Boone, NC, for a steal of a price and have pampered it according to directions I've studied on the internet and in my orchid books.
As a child, I loved all the Lady Slippers that grew in the wild in the mountains around Boone. I successfully transplanted pink, yellow, and snowy lady slippers on several occasions around my grandmother's and my parents' houses. . I have not, however, been able to grow them in the woods here at The Farm in Ohio.
So, when I came across this and one other (photos on the way once it blooms), I decided to expand my orchid collection. I do so hope I can keep them alive and blooming. There's something about paphiopedilums that bridges the connection to my childhood Lady Slipper garden, so I'll give these a good shot and welcome them to The Farm with lots of TLC....

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