Thursday, July 30, 2009


1. Gutters on the barn cleaned out and washed. Thanks, Joe.
2. Back porch washed and cleaned. Thanks, Joe.
3. Yard mowed, trimmed, and raked.
4. College visit to Miami (OH) University with Eliza. Had a great tour guide, learned a lot, impressed with the programs, many opportunities available for students, including an equestrian club so Eliza could ride again. A really good Mom and daughter day.
5. Samuel moving to Washington, DC today. Leaving Boone. Lots of tears on his part, my part, Petie's part.
6. Trying to sell ads for the Evergreen Arts & Humanities Series.
7. First tomatoes in from the garden, and man, are they puny!!
8. Great dahlias in bloom.
9. Feeling like the summer's moving way, way too fast.
10. Dinner with Sherm and Beth tonight.
11. Corgis and kitties adjusted to Rufus and his bumblings.
12. Won't be going to Miami....Will be going to Boone again in the next week of so.
13. Celebrating the life and love of Aunt Lib, who passed away last week.
14. In love with life...many, many blessings to count...
15. Knitting needles in action....see below....


1. Finished the handspun purple wool scarf I started in the winter. Color of photo not so good. A really warm, somewhat scratchy scarf that will be great over a turtleneck.

2. a delicate fan and feather patterned scarf, knitted with organic cotton thread. Color bad in's a pretty light, chartreuse green.

3. a diagonal patterned scarf (now completed) for Aunt Lera done in organic cotton. Color not good in's actually a beautiful periwinkle that will go beautifully with her white hair.

4. The color here is really off...this is a salmon-colored bouclé organic cotton that I'm knitting on different sized needles...A Farm Mom originial pattern...Prettier than it looks here.

5. a longer moss stitch with yarn over pattern knitted with an organic cotton / silk yarn. Soft and pretty...more of a teal than the photo shows.

When Joe comes to the farm, nice pottery comes along with him.

And, while the rest of us putz about doing our respective thing around The Farm, Rufus saws logs!! You gotta love those ears!

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i am very mary said...

Your list makes my list look puny.