Tuesday, November 06, 2007


In the last week...

1. I had to have a repairman in to work on the furnace. Cost: $293.00
2. Car insurance came due. Cost: $300.00
3. Mortgage payment time rolls around: Cost: More than I care to divulge. (The thought that I'm paying for the farm a second time doesn't put me in a great mood.)
4. I had to get two new tires for the car before I travel in the next week. Cost: $160.00
5. The water company reported I have a leak in my water line somewhere between the house and the end of the driveway. Cost: $1,000 minimum and possibly as much as 5 times that. (I'm trying really hard not to cry about this!)
6. We had an unexpected but necessary trip to the vet. Cost: $104.00

Note: With the exception of car insurance / mortgage, the above items were not included in this month's budget and far exceed my fairly meager catastrophe savings fund.

Then there's the trip to Indianapolis next week to see Eliza in the Grand National competition with the high school band. Cost: $400.00 (minimum)

And next month, it's Christmas. Cost (including gas for travel / gifts etc.) $500.00 (minimum)
(Thank goodness I've done some shopping along the way and have found some great gifts at thrift stores.)

And, both Samuel and Eliza have birthdays here at the end of the year. Cost: $150 (mimimum)

Now, if I add up all the expenses I've mentioned,(note again: those do NOT include monthly bills), the amount of cash flowing out of my checking account, pocket, and change jars far exceeds the amount coming in from my TWO jobs.

(Advice to anyone considering a career in teaching: THINK TWICE!! MANY of my former students leave college and enter their first job at a salary that far surpasses what I make with 31 years of experience and lots of nice professional awards.)

So, I ask myself, what really is the high thought here?

1. It's yet another opportunity to trust in the Universe. (I just wish I could get to the point of not panicking when the "trust" opportunities come my way.)

2. I probably qualify for a loan.

3. It's yet another opportunity for me to take a look at my relationship with money and my fear of not having enough of it. (Oh, how I love to take a look at that one over and over!)

4. I can probably pick up a third job. I can wash dishes or wait tables if necessary.

5. It's yet another opportunity to realize that I am safe, that I will be cared for, that the Universe will look out for me.

6. I'm healthy and happy, making it possible for me to get past the momentary glitches with a smile on my face. (I really, really am trying!)

7. It's yet another opportunity for me to take a close look at those things for which I am deeply grateful. (I'm doing my exercise gratitude lists as I write this.)

8. Many people love me, and I love many people.

9. It's yet another opportunity for me to realize I'm intelligent enough to figure out how to best work this financial snafu out.

10. If I created this reality, I can recreate something better.

So, if the Creator / the Goddess / the Great Orchestrator of the Universe just happens to read my blog, please know that I'm learning whatever the lesson of the moment is and it's really very OK not to send anymore stuff my way. Let me process this for now, and I'd be really, really grateful for a break, AND I'll do my best to share all I can with others.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Namasté and Peace to all...

PS: I am totally open to receiving a winning lottery ticket.


Mary Ann said...

Rumor has it that you've already won the lottery in Albania, Rwanda, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, and Katmandu, among 100 other places. Maybe we can find you a hunky repairman?

Kerry and Rachel said...

Oh--I love the "high thought"! I just learned about it on Mary's blog. So lovely to think good things. Sometimes difficult, but absolutely necessary.