Wednesday, November 07, 2007


On my way to school this morning, I heard that a recently published medical investigation has concluded that having a few extra pounds on one's body is really a good thing. DUH !!!!!

According to the study, people with a moderate amount of extra body fat are actually healthier and tend to bounce back from illnesses quicker than the "skinny Minnies" of the world. DUH!!!

The moderately chubby group were also described as being happier, more upbeat people that the emaciated 0% body fat clan. DUH !!!

My mom, an RN from the Clara Barton days, and my grandmom, age 106 and the mother of 10 children who lives back in the "holler" in Pigeon Roost, NC, could have told the researchers that at a fraction of the cost spent in this clinical study.

So, here's to a little body fat and a happier, healthier life! Treat yourself to a couple of pieces of chocolate today! :0) :0)