Friday, November 09, 2007


Yes indeed! My favorite family astrologer, Bobbi, has officially confirmed Mercury is in full-blown retrograde. So, what's up with that? Some refer to Mercury's retrograde as being Murphy's Law of the Cosmos. From the information I understand about this phenomena, it's one of those times that if something can go wrong, it will.

Historically, when I am "tagged" by the retrograde energy, things around the house go haywire, i.e., appliances stop working, unexpected expenses abound, the check engine light in the car comes on and won't go off, etc. For me, this time around, it's been all about a leak in my water line somewhere between the top of the driveway to my house (a distance of a tenth of a mile or so) that no one can tell me how to fix short of digging up the entire line. It's been about unexpected bills that have appeared from nowhere, lost checks, and computer glitches.

But the culmination of my retrograde moments happened this morning as I was walking out to the car at 6:45 in an attempt to get to the office early to complete some work. I "bulls-eyed" a huge pile of dog caca in my brand new shoes that have grated rubber soles. I couldn't have made a more perfect landing in the middle of this pile of s*&@ if I had intentionally tried. I had to take tooth picks covered with paper towels to dig out the poop from the various grooves in the soles of my shoes. How's that for starting off one's day???

To make a long story short, I arrived at work an hour later with a clean but still very smelly shoe. I've walked around school all day in my trouser sock feet.

(You might ask why I didn't just change shoes and leave the cleaning for later..??..Well, I was determined to wear these new shoes on a day when I had only a few classes to teach so I could break them in without having to wear them on a full-scheduled day. )

So, my thought at the moment is that I'll stop by the store on the way home, pick up a bottle of wine, and have a glass or two on the deck, toasting the supposed end of Mercury's crazy cycle and hoping like the dickens that the plumber who's going to call in the morning is a heck of a dowser!


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Mary Ann said...

Oh no, love. I'm so sorry! Keep your eyes on the new moon!