Thursday, November 29, 2007


I would be remiss if I did not direct the attention and interest of Namasté blog readers to the exciting news that my beloved office mate, dear friend, fellow Virgo, and kindred spirit--the one and only Ms. Mary Ann Abbott-- won the first Golden Pickle Award ever bestowed upon anyone at our hallowed place of employment. I cannot begin to describe the event and its impact upon her as well as she, so I direct you to her blog to read her first-hand account of the emotional and inspiring event that took place yesterday during our annual end of fall quarter potluck.

The Six Degrees of Separation rule now goes into effect, and all Namasté blog readers can now say they know someone who knows someone who's won a Golden Pickle. WOW !!

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Mary Ann said...

Thank you. Thank you. It's truly an honor. I'd like to thank my office mate, Tanya, for her daily support and inspiration; my mom, for raising me to appreciate the value of a hard-earned pickle; my boss, for explaining that my workplace can't pay for a PhD but will wholeheartedly support endeavors that I am willing to pay for on my own; and QVC, for highlighting the shiny quality of gold plated jewelry.