Monday, November 05, 2007


If any of my few blog readers are interested in the ceremony held today at the White House honoring Dr. Biscet and others, check out the Coalition of Cuba-American Women's website. There you can read the text of the president's speech OR you can click a link to watch it.

In addition, the post just before the one of the ceremony is an article on Dr. Biscet by Mary Anastasia O'Grady from today's Wall Street Journal. It's worth the read.

My students and I watched the event on my office computer, and as hard as I tried, I still sniffled. I was so proud to see Winnie, Dr. Biscet's daughter, on stage to accept the award. She's a good kid, and she will follow in her father's footsteps. The young man who actually sat on stage representing the family is NOT Dr. Biscet's son. His mother is Biscet's wife, and Oscar Elías helped raise him, but he's biologically not related. Winnie is Biscet's only biological child. She's 19 and possesses her father's love for life and fiery spirit. Thanks to Laida Carro, Winnie was included in the ceremony.

Keep your fingers crossed that Biscet will not be further tortured or mistreated as a result of the honor. He's not at all "loved" by the Cuban government, and officials there could make it very hard for him.

I dream of the day I will have a shack on the beach somewhere in Cuba. All Namasté blog readers will have an open invitation to come down for a visit!

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