Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tomorrow morning, I leave for North Carolina to spend the holidays with my parents. Tom and Chintu are going with me, so the three of us should have a really good time in the mountains. I'll be taking lots of photos and visiting my grandmom, Ruth, who is only two months away from turning 106 years old!

If any of my blog readers have any suggestions as to what might be happening with my inability to upload photos after the installation of my new computer, please send some help my way. There were no problems until we installed the new computer, put in a router, and transferred some files from my old computer that's now in Eliza's room. I've read all the help material from blogger.com, I've done all their suggestions, I've called my techie friend, Craig, and I still can't get things to work. I can upload photos from the web, but I am unable to upload photos from my photo folder. This problem did NOT exisit before the new computer arrived. Would the router have a firewall that could be the problem? If so, how does one disable it? Are there other problems about which I'm unaware that might be the problem? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, especially since I'll want to post photos from the mountains.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...The gratitude list I have going is way too long to post...I'm just grateful for anything and everything (except computer problems).


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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe trip!!! Give petie and papa a hug for me....hope all is well for all of you!!!