Tuesday, February 28, 2006

(well, not officially as I write, but probably so when folks read this)

This is the drawing on my calendar (Llewellyn's Witches Calendar 2006) for March, and I love it! According to the info on the calendar, it's an original scratchboard piece done by Jennifer Hewitson. I'd really like to meet her and see more of her drawings! (I hope I've given proper credit and haven't committed copyright infringements! If so, someone let me know, please.)

This afternoon, I picked up the pruning shears and began the first in a LONG list of spring chores here at the farm. I've read up on pruning roses, so I snipped the ones back that looked like they survived the winter and proceeded to pull some weeds down around the barn and clear the dead grass and rotten stalks from around the irises and peonies. My mind was working a mile a minute as I visualized what I'm going to plant where and the colors that would surround the house and yard in just a few weeks / months.

I'm amazed at how full the buds are on the early bloomers. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips are beginning to send shoots out to test out the temps above ground. It's early, and I hope Ole' Man Winter doesn't come through with a blast that wipes them out.

The corgis and three cats followed me everywhere I worked and added their assistance by getting under my feet and chasing the sticks I was throwing out of the veggie and flower beds. As I was cutting some weeds, I remembered poison ivy lurked in the area last year, so my hope is that all the vines I handled were not that pesty stuff.

I had a great afternoon! When I came in, instead of watching the evening news, I put on some nice jazz, fixed a couple of BocaBurgers and warmed up some collard greens (the Southern girl in me has to have some greens once in a while), and ate a leisurely dinner and looked at the second amaryllis I have in bloom on the table.

Now it's off to write bills.....

Welcome to March!!

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