Wednesday, March 01, 2006

when all I can do is laugh at myself....

This morning--
While standing in front of the bathroom mirror waiting for the hair dryer to start blowing air and thinking all the while that it was broken, it dawned on me that I had plugged in the iron.

Later in the morning--
I walked into the kitchen outside my office and stood there with my keys in my hand, attempting to open the refrigerator door.

This afternoon--
I went to the women's restroom to change my clothes for yoga class. I took off my dress, hose, etc. to put on my yoga attire and realized that I had left it on my desk in my office. So, I had to re-dress, go get my clothes, return to the ladies' room, and start all over again.

Two more days until Friday........I think I need a break!

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MaryAnn said...

While you were attempting to open refrigerator doors and get dressed, I was listening to a nice surgeon tell me that my sweet 8-year old may well need surgery next week to fix her broken wrist. Hooray! And, I forgot to wear a bra today. Hooray again! And, I think I am delirious with exhaustion, so I also need that break. Isn't it here yet?!