Saturday, March 04, 2006

(I'm going to brag a bit here.....)

Today, and always, but especially today, I'm a very proud mom. Sweet Eliza, my baby girl who is definitely not a baby anymore, tried out for the high school color guard squad yesterday and was selected! Go Eliza!! She's such a great kid. While other moms talk about the difficulties of living with their teenage daughters, I sit back and count my blessings. Eliza's very easy...easy to live with...easy to get along with....easy to hang out with...She's bright, beautiful, and loving, has a GREAT sense of humor, and enjoys life to the fullest....I'm delighted for her....Can't wait to see her marching with the band and performing on the field!

And an incredible young man! His transformation over the past year and a half has been so great to witness...His mind is active and curious--his intellect, keen. He's hoping to do an internship at a winery in NC this summer, make a little cash, and eventually study abroad. The adventures that await him will be AMAZING, for sure! Samuel's a wonderful person and one of the most sensitive and caring young men I've ever known.

I suppose one of my greatest satisfactions is that I know my kids make this world a better place...I know that sounds cliché, but it's true, and for that, I am very, very proud.

OK, on to other things....

This amaryllis is the second to bloom here at the farm this winter / almost spring. When I walked into the dining room this morning, it was the first thing I fixed my eyes upon. It's a little pinker than the photo shows...very delicate and feminine. Other plant friends are getting ready to blossom---I'm really excited about the orchids that are sending out bloom shoots.

Best get outside and enjoy the day. It's chilly, but way too pretty to be inside.

May whoever reads this find themselves in a space of total happiness and joy!


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Meera said...

I second that motion about Eliza and Samuel..what cool kids! T-- I miss you dearly, as always...