Monday, February 06, 2006

The Path Home
Those of you who have been to the farm know this walking path well. Around the time of my divorce four years ago, I started mowing out designs in the fields...I can't remember why I did so...I think I was just out on the tractor one day, consumed by thoughts that I wished I weren't having to think about at the time, and realized I was way off the beaten path and doing circles in the center of the field....It turned out to be a sign from the Universe--these fields were to become my canvas as I putzed around on my faithful little orange Kubota....

Anyway, there's a huge spiral in the field behind where this photo was taken, a peace sign (which I have yet to photograph) two little valleys over from this vantage point, and another spiral in an adjacent field. The big plan for the spring, once I get the tractor checked over and can be sure I won't get hung up in front of all passersby, is to cut a tremendous heart in the front field that will be very, very visible from the road on the ridge. I wonder what the neighbors will say about that ???????

Once the heart's completed, the message from the farm to those who travel along the Warren Chapel Road will be all about LUV & PEACE....Groovy, isn't it???

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